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Workshops for Affiliated Organizations
AVS offers three basic workshops for all affiliated organizations as part of the benefits of Affiliation with AVS:
Volunteer Recruitment
Volunteer Management

The workshops "Volunteer Recruitment" and "Volunteer Management" are offered to expand the effective use of volunteers to include a broader range of volunteers, doing a broader range of tasks, to support the objectives of affiliated organizations.  They also seek to increase the satisfaction of volunteers, thus increasing the likelihood of their continuing as volunteers.  To do so, organizations must understand why different categories of people volunteer, and how to fit the personal objectives of the volunteer with the objectives of the organization. 

The workshop “Fundraising through Staff and Volunteers “ provides new insights on how to fundraise, as well as on resources available through AVS to help in this effort. 

Corporate Volunteering Workshop    
In addition to its workshops for affiliated agencies, AVS presents workshops for members of the Corporate Volunteer Council of Lebanon to help businesses establish their own volunteer programs. Contact the AVS Office if you would like information on how your business can join the Corporate Volunteer Council of Lebanon.

Other Workshops
AVS occasionally organizes workshops and presentations, or gives them upon request on other topics including:
Retired and Senior Volunteering
Corporate Volunteering
Family Volunteering
Volunteering of the Disabled


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