Who Does AVS Serve?

AVS seeks to achieve its objectives through working with:
- Individuals
- Groups
- Schools and Universities
- Students
- Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
- Recipients of Service
- Financial Supporters of NGOs
- Lebanese Government
- Lebanese Public

AVS seeks to help individuals (regardless of age, gender, sect, location, time constraints, abilities, and disabilities):
Know that they can and should make a positive difference in their society.
Find opportunities to serve their society through volunteer work.
Find opportunities to learn the many ways in which volunteering can be of value to themselves while
   being a service to society.
Learn how to be better volunteers.
Establish new non-governmental organizations to address needs not served by existing ones.

AVS seeks to help groups (clubs, classes, families):
Find group opportunities for volunteer service within their region or in other regions of the country.
Find opportunities to interact with other sectors of Lebanese society through volunteering.
Learn how volunteering can strengthen the internal bonds within the group, and give the group a

  greater sense of purpose, while being a service to society.

Schools and Universities
AVS seeks to help the administration and faculty of schools and universities:
Teach good citizenship through volunteer service.
Incorporate volunteer service into the curriculum (service-learning).
Incorporate service obligations into graduation requirements.
Find volunteers to enhance their own programs.
Design scholarship funding programs which link scholarships to service.
Do research on service organizations and volunteerism in Lebanon.

AVS seeks to help students:
Find service opportunities which fulfill course or graduation requirements.
Design research papers and course projects which can serve society.
Organize service clubs and service opportunities based in their schools.
Finance their education through scholarships having a service component.

Non-Governmental Organizations
AVS seeks to help non-governmental organizations (NGOs):
Find volunteers to enhance their own programs.
Learn how to use volunteers more effectively
Become aware of other service organizations, agencies, and governmental programs which may be of

  help to them or which they may help.
Contribute to developing good citizens through their use of volunteers.
Learn of funding opportunities and how to best apply for them.
Inform the public of what they are doing and what their needs are. 

Recipients of Service
AVS seeks to help individual recipients of service:
Have their needs addressed through the help of volunteers
Maintain or even increase their self-esteem through
   - Encouraging volunteer services which lead to their greater self-sufficiency
   - Having recipients of service work with those helping them, if possible
   - Providing opportunities for recipients of service to, in turn, serve others

Financial Supporters of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOS)
AVS seeks to help embassies, foundations, organizations, and individual philanthropists (both in Lebanon and abroad):
Inform NGOs in Lebanon about their funding policies - what they fund and how to apply.
Learn about NGOs in Lebanon which deserve their support.
Design ways in which scholarships at Lebanese academic institutions can be linked to service

Contribute more and contribute more effectively to NGOs in Lebanon.

Lebanese Government
AVS seeks to help the Lebanese government:
Work cooperatively with NGOs to meet the needs of society.
Work with NGOs to develop in its citizens and residents a greater sense of social responsibility.

Lebanese Public  
AVS seeks to help the Lebanese public:
Become aware of existing service programs in Lebanon: who they are, what they do, and what needs

   they have for volunteers, goods, and financial support.
Interact across social boundaries of age, sect, ethnicity and physical limitations through giving and

  receiving volunteer assistance.

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