Ways You Can Become Involved With AVS

Wherever you are in the world, you can support AVS efforts in Lebanon to:
     Encourage, facilitate, and improve volunteering and community service
     Empower individuals to realize that they can make a positive difference in society
     Bridge social barriers and bring diverse social communities together to collaborate in programs
      and projects of benefit to all

Here are some of the ways you can become involved with AVS:
  Become a volunteer for AVS at our AVS office in Beirut.
  Become a school representative for AVS to encourage the school's participation in AVS youth
  Become a regional representative of AVS in other areas of Lebanon or abroad.
  If you live abroad, contact AVS by email before your next trip to Lebanon to see if you can
    transport anything to us to help us avoid freight and customs charges.
  Become a virtual volunteer for AVS, helping us with the maintenance of our website, developing
    mail and email lists of contacts within the US, etc.

  Arrange for your organization to establish affiliation with AVS and actively participate in its 

  Let AVS know of any useful contacts in the US, Lebanon, or elsewhere that can help further its
  Let AVS know of any non-profit organization in Lebanon that we should contact.
  Let non-profit organizations you are in contact with in Lebanon know about us.
  If you, or anyone you know in the US, would like help in locating a volunteer opportunity during
    your next trip to Lebanon
, let us know.
  If you know of a university student who might be interested in coming to Lebanon on a program
    which incorporates volunteer service with coursework (with credit transferable to American
    universities), have them contact AVS.
  If you know of any company in Lebanon that might want to learn about corporate volunteering
    or cause-related marketing let us know.

Add your email address to our list to receive AVS Updates - an irregular email newsletter issued as
   need arises.  The newsletter, which is directed to organizations and individuals in Lebanon, can give
   you a better idea of our work.

  Provide financial support for AVS general operating costs or for a specific AVS program. 
If your company provides matching contributions to donations you make, arrange for your company
   to match your donation to AVS. 
If your company provides gifts-in-kind to non-profit organizations which may be useful to AVS or to
   its affiliate organizations, arrange for this.
 Advertise in the next AVS Volunteer Directory, Directory Supplement, or on the AVS website. For
   these and other advertising opportunities, please contact AVS.
 Arrange a fundraising event of your organization in which proceeds go to supporting AVS
  If you or your organization gives scholarships to secondary or university students, link these with
    required volunteer service (contact AVS to arrange this).

  Invite someone to speak about AVS at a meeting of your organization or to potential supporters
    at your home.
Put a reference to AVS on your organization's website with our email address (avs@avs.org.lb)
   and a link to our website (www.avs.org.lb).
Put an article about AVS in your organization's newsletter.


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