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AVS has a very small staff. It relies heavily on volunteers as well as the collaboration of other organizations and institutions to achieve its objectives. AVS needs volunteers who understand and abide by the Rights and Responsibilities of a Volunteer.  Its volunteers may make different time commitments, depending on their personal circumstances and the specific work they do for AVS: volunteers who can help AVS on a one-time basis, volunteers who take responsibility for a specific project, and volunteers who regularly work with AVS at a specific time each week.  Volunteers who cannot come to the AVS office during its regular office hours (9:00 am-4:00 pm on weekdays) can often arrange to come to the office outside of regular office hours or do the work away from the office.  Virtual volunteers can, in fact, help AVS from anywhere in the world.  While we appreciate the efforts of all who volunteer for AVS, those who make a greater commitment can be given greater training and responsibility, and can consequently have a greater impact on the effectiveness of AVS.
AVS has one immediate need for volunteers this April. Would you like to be a monitor for Global Youth Service Days projects throughout Lebanon on April 18, 19, or 20???? If you want to  learn more, click here.

Here are some of the different things you can do as an AVS volunteer:

AVS Volunteer Opportunities

WEB MASTER    Ongoing/ Individual, Pairs/ Virtual Volunteer (could be anywhere)
Description: Critique the AVS website, propose and implement improvements, update pages, and develop new features. Help create an Arabic site.
Skills: Skills in website construction, design. Knowledge of English and/or Arabic.
Requirements: Access to a PC, and the necessary software for web site construction.

GENERAL ASSISTANT   Ongoing/ Individual, Pairs/ Beirut
Description: Come to the AVS office at a fixed time each week to help with whatever work needs to be done at the time – phoning, sending faxes, getting price estimates for items in funding proposals, inputting information on the computer, collating and folding newsletters, addressing envelopes, and much more.
Skills: No special requirements other than a willingness to help with whatever needs to be done.
Requirements: The work will be assigned according to the skills of the volunteer and the tasks to be done.

LIBRARY MANAGER   Ongoing/ Individual, Pairs/ Beirut
Description: Come in to the AVS fairly regularly, to enter books and videos into our database, write brief summaries for our records, cover and label the books, create topical bibliographies, and re-shelve books as needed.
Skills: Ability to read/write English, alphabetize in English and / or Arabic, minimal computer skills.
Requirements: Commitment to come to the AVS office at least 1 hour/week. Hours flexible.

ARCHIVE MANAGER   Ongoing/ Individual, Pairs/ Beirut
Description: Organize AVS archives from past years, label and file the pamphlets, brochures, and handouts collected from NGOs in Lebanon as well as those from abroad.
: Ability to read/write in Arabic and/or English.
Requirements: Commitment of at least 1 hour/week. Hours flexible.

GRAPHIC DESIGNER Ongoing/ Individual, Pairs/ Virtual Volunteer (can be anywhere)
Design the graphics and the layout for our stationary, newsletters, brochures, posters, website, etc.
Skills: Computer skills in graphic design and/or drawing ability.
Requirements: Work can generally be done away from the AVS office.

WEEKLY FEATURE EDITOR Ongoing/ Individual, Pairs/ Work can be done from anywhere in Lebanon.
Description: Collect information, help select what is used, and write it up for a weekly feature on volunteerism in a newspaper. A number of different newspapers are willing to give us the space – but we need volunteers to do the work.
Skills: Ability to write well in Arabic, French or English.
Requirements: We could have 2-4 volunteers doing this, alternating so that a feature is submitted each week. Requires traveling to events and organizations featured in a particularly article.

NEWSCLIPPER   Ongoing/ Individual, Pairs/ Family (Anywhere in Lebanon)
Description: This is a job you can do from the comfort of home. Choose one of the many newspapers in Lebanon to browse, and cut or copy articles related to volunteerism and NGOs, mount on paper, label or submit them to the AVS to be filed appropriately.
Skills: No special skills needed.
Requirements: You need to subscribe to the newspaper (we may be able to get a free subscription). Yu can choose an Arabic, English, or French newspaper, but you need to do it regularly and systematically.

FUNDRAISER Ongoing/ Individual, Pairs (Anywhere in the worl)
Description: Help organize activities or make contacts that generate funds for AVS. This can mean anything from contacting a rich cousin who believes in good causes, to getting a small club or group of friends to each contribute 10,000 LL, to designing and selling T-shirts that encourage volunteerism.
Skills: Depends on the approach to fundraising needed. May need special training about AVS and fundraising techniques.
Requirements: Serious commitment to the objectives of the association.

OUTREACH PRESENTER Ongoing/ Individual, Pairs (Anywhere in Lebanon)
Description: Give presentations to organizations, schools, and groups of individuals about volunteering: Who can volunteer? Why volunteer? Benefits to the Volunteer,  the  Organization, Society, Rights and Responsibilities of Volunteers, etc.
Skills: Good presentation skills in Arabic and/or English, willingness to be trained.
TRANSLATOR  Ongoing/ Virtual Volunteer
Description: We need lots of these. Translate articles, correspondence, and/or publications on volunteerism from Arabic to English, or English to Arabic. This can be done from home and either faxed or emailed to us.
Skills: Excellent knowledge of the two languages you are translating to/from.
Requirements: We have translation needs that are one time, occasional, or a project. Let us know what you are able/willing to do.
PHOTOGRAPHER  Ongoing/ Generally in Beirut
Description: Take pictures or videos of AVS events, also perhaps take pictures for weekly newspaper features on volunteerism. This would require going to events/organizations featured.

PHONE CALLER  Ongoing/ Individual, Pairs (Anywhere in Lebanon)
Description: This job can be done from any place where you have access to a phone, whether our office or elsewhere. Call affiliated organizations or those who we would like to introduce to the AVS to give them messages from the office.
Skills: Pleasant speaking style. Ability to speak Arabic.
Requirements: Access to a phone – preferably a fax/phone – own or phone at AVS office.

CREATE YOUR OWN POSITION Ongoing/ Individual, Pairs/Group/Family (Wherever you are)
Description: You are invited to create a job description that contributes to fulfilling AVS objectives based on your own interest, skills and abilities. Propose it to us and we’ll see if it can fit into our programs and objectives.
Skills: Whatever skills you have.
Requirements: We are flexible in our hours, but we do expect commitment to actually DO whatever you volunteer for, and do it the best you can.

FUTURE AVS PROGRAMS (Waiting for funding and a committed coordinator)
Volunteering of those with Disabilities
Volunteering of the Elderly
Family Volunteering
Corporate Volunteering
Volunteers from Abroad (particularly Lebanese emigrants visiting Lebanon)           

If you are interested in becoming an AVS Volunteer, please contact the AVS office, fill out a volunteer application there, and discuss your volunteer interests with the AVS staff. 

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