Volunteer Opportunities Fair

One of the main programs of AVS is the Volunteer Opportunities Fair. Affiliated agencies have stands at the Fair where they explain who they are, what they do related to volunteerism, and how the public can help them, both as volunteers and as financial supporters of their work. These agencies include non-governmental organizations, social service institutions, educational institutions, municipalities, and government ministries. The public is invited to attend the Fair free of charge to learn about a large variety of non-profit organizations and institutions in Lebanon, to learn more about volunteering, and to explore volunteer opportunities offered by participating agencies.  The Fair also provides an opportunity for affiliated agencies to get to know each other better and to learn from each other.  It also serves as a catalyst for collaborative programs among them.  In addition, special public presentations and workshops held during the Fair focus on specific concerns of affiliated agencies, as well as the more general topics of volunteerism and public service.

PAST FAIRS: AVS has held six Fairs, all at UNESCO Palace in the UNESCO/Verdun area of Beirut.  The first was held in May 1999, under the patronage of the Minister of Education, Mr. Muhamad Yousef Beydoun.  The second and third were held in March 2000 and 2001, under the patronage of the President of the Republic, General Emile Lahoud. The fourth was held in April 2002, under the patronage of the Prime Minister, Mr. Rafik al-Hariri and the fifth was held in May 2003 under the patronage of President Lahoud.  The sixth fair was held in May 2004 at Universit St. Joseph in conjunction with the Learning to Serve Conference for schools in Lebanon. There was no fair in 2005.

2006 FAIR: The Seventh AVS Volunteer Opportunities Fair is scheduled for the end of February 2006 at UNESCO Palace in conjunction with the Learning to CARE Program.

EXHIBITORS: Organizations having current Affiliation with AVS are eligible to have a stand or panel, and/or give a workshop at the Volunteer Opportunities Fairs for a very nominal fee. All participating agencies are encouraged to become actively involved in planning, organizing, and promoting the Fair so that it will best serve their needs and interests.

YOUTH PROGRAM: An important feature of the Fair has been the youth program.  Schools and youth groups from throughout Lebanon are invited to the Fair. They are given a presentation on volunteering directed to the needs and interests of youth.  They then participate in educational activities presented by the different agencies at their stands.  An added feature for the 2006 Fair will be an exhibition of posters of schools participating in the Learning to CARE Program. In addition, Global Youth Service Days Lebanon will be launched at the Fair with information provided to help schools and youth groups develop service programs for GYSD 2006 to be held April 21-May 1.


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