Virtual Volunteering

Virtual Volunteering
Much of the information below is from the website of the Virtual Volunteering Project. (

Virtual volunteering is a form of volunteering in which the tasks are completed, in whole or in part, via the Internet and a home or work computer. It is also known as online volunteering, cyber service, telementoring, teletutoring, and various other names. Virtual volunteering allows agencies to expand the benefits of their volunteer programs, by allowing for more volunteers to participate, and by utilizing volunteers in new areas.

Many people actively search for volunteer opportunities they can complete via home or work computers because of time constraints, personal preference, a disability, or a home-based obligation that prevents them from volunteering on-site. Virtual volunteering allows anyone with Internet access to contribute time and expertise to not-for-profit organizations, schools, government offices and other agencies that utilize volunteer services, from his or her home or office.  Virtual volunteering is similar to telecommuting, except that, instead of online employees, these are online volunteers.

The Association for Volunteer Services has benefited from the services of a number of virtual volunteers.  In many cases AVS has sent volunteers materials to be translated (Arabic/English/French) and the translated materials have been returned to AVS by email.  The AVS webmaster is also a virtual volunteer, fulfilling his website management responsibilities from his computer in California. 

You may find more information about virtual volunteering for both volunteers and agencies, on the website of the Virtual Volunteering Project.  You may also download The Virtual Volunteering Guidebook, which is available for free in electronic form, from the EnergizeInc website.


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