Retired and Senior Volunteering

It is a sensitive matter to decide what age constitutes being senior but it is clear that there are many Lebanese who have reached a point in their lives in which the demands upon their time are less, whether because they have retired or because their children are now adults taking care of themselves.  The skills, knowledge, and experience of these people make them a valuable human resource that can be better used to improve society through encouraging them to be volunteers. Volunteering can benefit the senior volunteer as well.  Studies have shown that those who volunteer live longer, healthier, and more satisfying lives. As with other volunteers, seniors and retired people need to find volunteer opportunities that fit their special interests, skills and personal circumstances, and need to be able to be flexible as their interests, skills, and personal circumstances change. AVS wishes to encourage all seniors and retired people to consider volunteering, and all organizations and institutions that engage volunteers to consider seniors and retired people as an important pool of potential volunteers to help fill their volunteer needs. It is the hope of AVS that in the future it will be able to develop a formal program to expand the volunteer efforts of seniors and retired persons.  Please contact AVS if you are interested in working on such a project or have the resources to fund it.


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