Rights and Responsibilities of a Volunteer

Whether you are a volunteer or an agency making use of volunteers, understanding the rights and responsibilities of the volunteer is the key to successful volunteering.  It is at the heart of what makes a good volunteer and a good volunteer experience.  From the viewpoint of an organization, volunteers who do not understand and fulfill their responsibilities can be more of a liability than an asset.  From the viewpoint of volunteers, organizations that do not respect their rights are not worth volunteering for.  The rights of the volunteer are essentially the responsibilities of the organization, while the responsibilities of the volunteer are essentially the rights of the organization.  The list below is a short version of the most important rights and responsibilities of volunteers.  They may seem like common sense, but they are often violated by those who do not consciously recognize their importance.

  4  As a volunteer, you have the right to:

• Feel that your efforts actually contribute to the organization’s objectives

• Receive the necessary orientation, training, and supervision

• Learn how to improve your skills in the work you are doing

• Be treated with respect

• Expect that your time will not be wasted by poor planning  

• Ask questions and give suggestions about the work you are doing

• Be trusted with confidential information necessary to do your work

• Be appreciated for the work you have done  

• Be given written proof or evaluation of your work, if you request it


   As a volunteer, you have the responsibility to:

• Meet your time commitments or provide adequate notice so other arrangements can be made

• Only accept responsibilities that you can reasonably handle

• Perform the work assigned to the best of your ability

• Follow organizational policies and procedures

• Respect the confidences given to you  

• Be open-minded and respectful of others

• Accept reasonable tasks without complaining


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