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To join a discussion group or mailing list, all you need is an e-mail address. When you subscribe to the list, you regularly receive postings and comments from other people on the list and you can use the list to post your own questions and comments. The lists below specialize in volunteer management issues and are moderated to keep the discussion focused on this subject.

CyberVPM Discussion Group, click on Networking, and then go to "CyberVPM List Serve".  
CyberVPM is probably the largest and most active discussion group of volunteer program managers worldwide and has provided the much needed "circle of hands" for those seeking to enrich their communities through volunteer involvement.

K12-SL Listserv (Elementary and Secondary School Service-Learning)
The K12-SL Listserv is a discussion forum for administrators, practitioners, researchers, and students to discuss issues and share information and resources relevant to service-learning and the Kindergarten through 12th grade levels (elementary and secondary school).  To join the list type the following in the message (not the subject line):subscribe k12-sl Firstname Lastname (ex: subscribe k12-sl Jane Doe) and send it to: <>.

Service-Learning Discussion Group (Higher Education Service-Learning)
This list is intended for discussing Service-Learning and the world we hope to better through our efforts in service-related education.  Its primary focus is service-learning in higher education, however anyone with an interest in service-learning is welcome to subscribe and participate in discussions.  The list is intended primarily for discussions of pedagogy, curriculum and program development, syllabi, bibliographies, works in progress, and related concerns. To subscribe, send the message "subscribe service-learning" in the message (not the subject line) and send to: <>.

UKVPMs is a lively, friendly and participative networking and communication resource for all Volunteer Programme Managers working in the United Kingdom. UKVPMs mission is to increase the scope, scale and quality of both voluntary activity and the management of volunteers. UKVPMs seeks to achieve this by bringing Volunteer Programme Managers together in a virtual community to develop their skills and knowledge for the purpose of taking action towards this common goal. 

This list focuses on all aspects of volunteers in the nonprofit sector, addressing
nonprofit management, administration, fund-raising, leadership, and function. You can subscribe to VOLUNTEER-ISSUES either via email, or from the web site (
Via email, send an email message to In the body of your message (not the subject line), type:
SUBSCRIBE VOLUNTEER-ISSUES yourFirstname yourLastname
(example: SUBSCRIBE VOLUNTEER-ISSUES Abraham Lincoln). 

“Volunteerism” Discussion Board
Sponsored by The Chronicle of Philanthropy in its “Philanthropy Careers” feature online.

Professional Volunteer Manager Discussion Group. An offshoot of CyberVPM, this listserv is designed especially for more advanced practitioners. To subscribe, send a blank email to:

Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action. Discussions are a blend of theoretical and applied interest to help scholars gain insight into "real world" concerns while providing practitioners with valuable perspectives and data relevant to their work. To become a part of ARNOVA's discussion group, send the message SUBSCRIBE ARNOVA-L to Do not write anything else in the body of your message, and do not use commas in between your name and organization name.

A forum to discuss and debate all aspects of the work, activities and management of CVS (Councils for Voluntary Service and similar bodies) and NACVS (National Association of CVS). CVS are charities formed and run by voluntary organisations in England to provide the infrastructure of the voluntary sector. Anyone, anywhere, with an interest in CVS is invited to join.

To become a part of the group, send the message
SUB CVSNET yourCVS yourFirstname yourLastname to: Replace "yourCVS" with the name of your CVS organization (if any). Do not write anything else in the body of your message and do not use commas or quotes.

Government-Based Volunteer Program Managers (GOV-VPM) is a moderated listserv for individuals working with volunteers in government-based programs. To join, send a message to: with the following text in the body: subscribe gov-vpm your full name.

Discussion group for program representatives of international volunteer organizations (that send individuals abroad to volunteer). To become a part of the group, send the message SUBSCRIBE to Do not write anything in the body of your message.

Discusses volunteer/service management issues, as well as other nonprofit issues, such as management, board recruitment and relations, staff issues, fund raising, accounting, taxation, evaluation, accountability, marketing/public relations, collaborating with other organizations, technology uses (computer hardware, software and Internet), and various other issues of interest to not-for-profit professionals, volunteers and supporters. You can receive each post as an e-mail by sending the message "Subscribe" without quotes to:
You can join the digest version of the list (strongly suggested), which will allow you to receive all of the day's postings in one e-mail. To do this, send the message "Subscribe" without quotes to:

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