Individual Affiliation With AVS

There are many ways individuals can support the work of AVS, as shown in Ways You Can Become Involved with AVS. Formal affiliation of individuals takes two forms.  You can become a registered AVS Volunteer.  And if, after a year, you would like to become further committed to the objectives of AVS, you can become a member, with full voting rights.

1) AVS Volunteers: AVS volunteers work with AVS as individuals, not as representatives of other organizations, even though they may be active volunteers with organizations affiliated with AVS.  AVS  volunteers include all members of the AVS Board, the AVS Advisory Committee, regional representatives of AVS, and many other regular and occasional AVS volunteers  Click here to see a list of volunteer opportunities with AVS.  An application form can be obtained from the AVS Office.  While not required, we ask all registered AVS Volunteers to become AVS Donors, if possible, at least at the level of Friends of AVS - 30,000 LL. 

2) AVS Members:  Those who have been active AVS Volunteers (Category 1) for at least one year can apply for membership.  Membership must be approved by the AVS Board.  The official membership fee is 25,000 LL per year, although, as with non-member volunteers, we ask all AVS members to become AVS Donors, at least at the level of Friends of AVS (30,000 LL).  The membership fee will be included in determining the donation level.  Benefits of membership include having voting rights in the AVS General Assembly.  AVS Volunteers who wish to become members may choose to express their intent to apply for membership, and become “provisional members” - and their application will be presented to the Board when they have volunteered for AVS for one year. 



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