IAVE: International Association for Volunteer Effort

The International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE) was created in 1970 by a small group of people from throughout the world who shared a common vision of how volunteers can contribute
v To the solution of human and social problems, and
v To the development of bridges of understanding among people of all nations.
They recognized the importance of international exchange of information, best practices and mutual support as a way of encouraging and strengthening volunteering worldwide.  IAVE is the only international organization with the mission to promote, celebrate, and strengthen volunteerism worldwide.

IAVE's work falls into six major areas: Conferences, Volunteer Centers, Education and Training, Public Awareness, Youth Involvement, and Membership Services.

IAVE holds a major international conference on volunteering every two years. This is a valuable opportunity for local, national and international organizations to network, to share ideas, and to work together to promote volunteering.  Participants include organizations that promote volunteering (like AVS) and organizations that involve volunteers in efforts to achieve their objectives (like all the organizations affiliated with AVS).  AVS was represented at the past four international conferences by its president and director, Dr. Patricia Nabti: 
     16th Annual Conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands  (January 2001)
     17th Annual Conference in Seoul, South Korea (November 2002).
     18th Annual Conference in Barcelona, Spain (August 2004)
     19th Annual Conference in New Delhi, India (November 2006)

 The 20th annual conference is scheduled to be held in Panama in April 2008.

IAVE holds regional conferences in different world regions in alternate years when there is no international conference. Dr. Nabti attended the Asia-Pacific regional conference in Hong Kong in 2005.
The next Asia-Pacific Regional Conference will be in Japan in December 2007. There has never been an IAVE regional conference in the Arab region.

AVS is the National Representative of IAVE in Lebanon. For more information about IAVE you are invited to contact the AVS office or visit the IAVE website:

The Regional Representative of IAVE for the Arab Nations is Milo Ghossein, a citizen of Lebanon and formerly the National Representative of IAVE in Lebanon. He can be reached by phone at:  961-3-318332 or 961-9-230171 or by email at: milogh13@hotmail.com.

The IAVE website provides valuable resources on volunteering, including a list of national volunteer centers, conferences, funding sources, research, and links.

Membership and active participation in IAVE is the way in which volunteer leaders demonstrate their solidarity with the growing worldwide volunteer movement. Members of IAVE receive:

  • The monthly E-IAVE electronic newsletter
  • Preferred access to the services of the International Resource Center on Volunteering
  • The opportunity to participate in planning and implementing IAVE's activities
  • The opportunity to vote on IAVE's board of directors and World President
  • Discounts on registration fees at the 2006 World Volunteer Conference in New Delhi, India
  • Discounts on registration fees at periodic regional conferences
  • Periodic printed newsletters

For more information on membership and to download a registration form, go to http://www.iave.org/membership.cfm.

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