Global Youth Service Days
 April 15-16-17, 2011

Youth Can Make a Difference!

Global Youth Service DayS

  April 2011

The largest celebration of youth and the contributions they make to their communities. 

What is "Global Youth Service Days"?
Global Youth Service Day(s) (GYSD) is an annual global event that Celebrates, Recognizes, and Mobilizes:

a)  The year-round contributions of young people to build their communities and their world through voluntary service and

b)  The contributions made by the community (public, private, and nonprofit sectors) to empower young people

Our Vision
During  Global Youth Service Days (also called Global Youth Service Day by some), millions of young people throughout the world will highlight and carry out thousands of community improvement projects.  This period will be a way for local, national, and international organizations to:   
     •Recognize the year-round contributions of millions of young people worldwide
•Recruit a new generation of volunteers
•Promote young people as resources and not as problems in their communities.

Why Global Youth Service Days?
Around the world, millions of young people are making a difference in their community through programs and infrastructure that promote voluntary action.  The focus of GYSD is to stimulate greater awareness of and support for the promotion of positive youth development and youth voluntary action.  Youth volunteering is an effective way to build strong youth and strong communities.

How is Global Youth Service Days Organized?
All schools and youth organizations are encouraged to plan and highlight youth-led community service projects during Global Youth Service Days.  Organizations may want to highlight existing projects to the media and surrounding community, or may choose to organize special projects and events that involve youth with the broader community on GYSD.  

The Association for Volunteer Services is the designated National Lead Agency for GYSD Lebanon  for the eleventh year. It has also been appointed as the Regional Lead Agency for the Middle East and North Africa..  

Association for Volunteer Services 
Phone/Fax: 01-449470  03-757098                                                   

International coordinating agency:
Global Youth Action Network
Phone: +1-212-661-6111
Fax: +1-212-661-1933

The following are files for GYSD 2010.

GYSD Lebanon
GYSD General Information
Guidelines for Participation     
GYSD Pre-Project Information Form (to fill in online)
GYSD Post-Project Information Form (to fill in online)

GYSD Pre-Project Information Form (to copy)
Ideas for Service Projects
GYSD Lebanon Calendar 2011

 الأيام العالمية للخدمة الشبابية / GYSD - Arabic
معلومات حول الأيام العالمية للخدمة الشبابية في لبنان / GYSD Lebanon - Arabic
توجيهات المشاركة  / Guidelines for Participation - Arabic
أفكار لمشاريع خدمات تطوعية / Ideas for Service Projects - Arabic
ستمارة ما قبل التنفيذ (للتسليم الكترونيا)/ GYSD Pre-Project Information Form - Arabic/English
ستمارة ما قبل التنفيذ /(للنسخة المطبوعة) GYSD Pre-Project Information Form - Arabic/English
استمارة ما بعد التنفيذ (للتسليم الكترونيا) GYSD Post Project Information Form
رزنامة "الأيام العالمية للخدمة الشبابية 2011"

Global Youth Service Days (GYSD)
GYSD Lebanon Guidelines for Participation GYSD Post Project Information Form
GYSD General Information GYSD Pre-Project Information Form Ideas for Service Projects

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