Global Youth Service Days
  April 15-16-17, 2011

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General Information About GYSD

For the eleventh year, the Association for Volunteer Services is honored that it has again been designated by the international organizers of Global Youth Service Days (GYSD) as the National Lead Agency for Lebanon. And last year, AVS has become the Regional Partner for GYSD for the Middle East and North Africa!

To make GYSD Lebanon a great success, we encourage all schools and youth groups to plan service projects April 15-16-17, 2011.  In most cases, these groups will need to plan, organize and implement their own projects at the local level.  A participation packet available from AVS includes a poster, Participation Guide, Pre-Project information Form, Post-Project Information Form, and a GYSD Calendar. The Participation Guide includes Guidelines for Participation, along with a list of  Project Ideas, and a guide to How to Plan and Implement a Project. We hope to have at least 10,000 youth in Lebanon engaged in doing service projects that weekend, to have national media coverage of the many projects implemented by schools and youth groups, and to have the GYSD projects in Lebanon listed on the GYSD website for people all over the world to see.

Objectives of Global Youth Service Days Lebanon:
wTo develop an understanding of volunteering and to encourage it in our youth.
wTo encourage youth to identify and target social problems and to collaborate to solve them
wTo develop our youth into capable, empowered, socially responsible citizens.
wTo provide them with opportunities to actually contribute in meaningful ways.
wTo provide youth with volunteer opportunities that cross social barriers of age, religion, abilities/disabilities, and geography.
wTo improve the quality of youth service projects.
wTo encourage and help NGOs to recruit youth to volunteer for them
wTo acknowledge the capacity of youth to contribute to their society

Recognition Event

GYSD offers the opportunity to have focused training, media coverage, collaboration, and recognition to help mobilize more youth to do more and better service projects throughout Lebanon, throughout the year. There will be a recognition event on May 23 at UNESCO Palace. Certificates will be provided for all projects that fulfill the basic requirements of the program. Special awards will be given to the best ten projects.

The following are files for GYSD 2011.

GYSD Lebanon
GYSD General Information
Guidelines for Participation     
GYSD Pre-Project Information Form (to fill in online)
GYSD Post-Project Information Form (to fill in online)
GYSD Pre-Project Information Form (to copy)
Ideas for Service Projects
GYSD Lebanon Calendar 201

 الأيام العالمية للخدمة الشبابية / GYSD - Arabic
معلومات حول الأيام العالمية للخدمة الشبابية في لبنان / GYSD Lebanon - Arabic
توجيهات المشاركة  / Guidelines for Participation - Arabic
أفكار لمشاريع خدمات تطوعية / Ideas for Service Projects - Arabic
ستمارة ما قبل التنفيذ (للتسليم الكترونيا)/ GYSD Pre-Project Information Form - Arabic/English
ستمارة ما قبل التنفيذ /(للنسخة المطبوعة) GYSD Pre-Project Information Form - Arabic/English
استمارة ما بعد التنفيذ (للتسليم الكترونيا) GYSD Post Project Information Form
رزنامة "الأيام العالمية للخدمة الشبابية 2011

Global Youth Service Days (GYSD)
GYSD Lebanon Guidelines for Participation GYSD Post Project Information Form
GYSD General Information GYSD Pre-Project Information Form Ideas for Service Projects
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