Corporate Volunteering

Corporate volunteering is any formal or organized means a company uses to encourage and support its employees and retirees (and possibly their families) to volunteer their time and skills in the service of their community.  It might include:
Providing information and encouragement to employees to volunteer on their own time
Providing different forms of rewards and incentives for employees who do volunteer
Arranging for employees to work as a group for a one-time project or an ongoing program     established by a non-profit organization, or
Organizing a volunteer project developed by the company to serve the community.

It is important that corporate volunteering should NOT be required, since this would undermine the idea that it is "volunteer" work.  It is also important that it is true service to the community and not doing regular work for extended hours (a particular concern for employees of NGOs). 

Corporate volunteering can provide many benefits to a company.  It can develop the skills of individual staff members, contribute to team building among the staff, provide positive publicity, improve employee morale and productivity, improve relationships with government offices, and enhance community development.  

Corporate Volunteer Council of Lebanon
In 2004, the Association for Volunteer Services invited a select group of successful and socially concerned businesses to become charter members of the Corporate Volunteer Council of Lebanon (CVCL), a division of AVS. The CVCL is currently engaged in a campaign to collect books for public libraries in Lebanon called Lebanon reads! For more information about the CVCL click here.


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